Friday, January 2, 2015

Wishing you a year that is filled with all the fragrance of roses, illuminated with all the lights of the world and be blessed with all the smiles on the planet. Hope this year will be the year when all your dreams come true. Happy New Year 2015.

Mourning Grave / 소녀괴담 (2014) HDRip 720p. by Septasite (490MB)

Release Date: July 3, 2014 (South Korea)
Genre: Horror | Thriller
Quality: 720p HDRip
Language: Korean
Encoder: Septasite
Source: 720p HDRip


 In-Soo (Kang Ha-Neul) has a special gift to see ghosts and has become isolated from other students because of this. He transfers to a high school in a rural area outside of Seoul. There, In-Soo meets a female ghost (Kim So-Eun) at the high school and forms a friendship with her. Meanwhile, classmates disappear one by one.
-= Asianwiki =-
A girl unloads the grudge of another girl who is a victim of school violence.
-= Hancinema =-

Kang Ha-neul as In-su
Kim So-eun as Ghost girl
Kim Jung-tae as Seon-il
Han Hye-rin as Hyeon-ji
Park Doo-sik as Hae-cheol
Joo Min-ha as Na-ra
 Joo Da-young as Seong-hee
Kwak Jung-wook as Ki-tae
Kim Yeong-choon
Lee Ah-hyun as Oh Mi-hee


Mirror : 

Mourning.Grave.2014.720p.HDRip.x264.Ganool.mkvSize: 599.9 MB (629003085 bytes)[Septasite].mkv

Credit to : septasite

The Huntresses / 조선미녀 삼총사 (2014) DVDRip.x264-ZrL 1.3 GB (K-Movie)

Movie : The Huntresses (English title) / The Joseon Beautiful Three (literal title)
 Hangul : 조선미녀 삼총사
Revised romanization : Joseonminyeo Samchongsa
 Director : Park Je-Hyun
Release Date : January 29, 2014
 Production Company : Wellmade STARM
Distributor : Showbox/Mediaplex
Genre : Action / Drama / Period
Language : Korean
Writer: Kim Ga-young,Kang Chul-kyu,Kim Ba-da Genre: Action | Comedy Country: South Korea Runtime: 107 Min

 Ha Ji-Won as Jin-Ok
 Gang Ye-Won as Hong-Dan
 Son Ga-In as Ga-Bi
 Joo Sang-Wook as Sa-Hyun
 Ko Chang-Seok as Moo-Myung

Set in the Joseon Period, three beautiful musketeers fight against a powerful group who tries to overturn the royal family and gain absolute power. The leader of the Beautiful Three Musketeers is Jin-Ok (Ha Ji-Won), a smart and righteous woman. Hong-Dan (Gang Ye-Won) is the only married woman among the three women. Ga-Bi (Son Ga-In) is the youngest among the musketeers and excels at fighting.
 -= Asianwiki =-

 Based in the Joseon times, this action historical is about a group of three beautiful ladies starred by Ha Ji-won, Kang Ye-won and Son Ga-in. Ha Ji-won takes on the role of Jin-ok, leader of the group and inventor of unique weapons with the ability to disguise herself in variety. She is about to upgrade her action from what we have seen so far and add a little bit of airhead in it. Kang Ye-won is Jin-ok's co-worker and the only married one in the group. She is better at throwing daggers than cooking and better in tumbling than housework. She is the funny one being the 'idiot' ajumma' (married woman). Son Ga-in is the youngest of the group. She is a fist first and talk later kind of person who is blunt and chic and is about to take over the hearts of men all over the country. Other than these three, Ko Chang-seok take on the role of monk Moo-myeong and Joo Sang-wook, the role of warrior Sa-hyeon who threaten the three angels.
 -= Hancinema=-


Credit to : shevat13

Sunday, December 28, 2014

H-Project (Hashima Project) [2013] DVDRip 500MB Ganool (Thai-Movie)

Movie: Hashima Project / Project H (working title)
 Thai: ฮาชิมะ โปรเจกต์ ไม่เชื่อต้องลบหลู่
Director: Piyapan Choopetch
Writer: Adirek Wattaleela (Angkle)
Producer: Chantima Leawsirikul
Release Date: October 31, 2013
Distributor: M39 (M-Thirtynine)
Runtime: 118 min
Language: Thai
Country: Thailand

 5 college graduates to visit Hashima Island in Japan for filming and proved about supernatural things. Because all they didn't believed and known any stories of this island, The happiness becomes to immoderate. There're something tried to haunted them.

 - Pirat Nitipaisalkul
 - Nick Sucharat Manaying
 - May Alexander Rendell
- Aof Mek Mekwattana
- Dok Apinya Sakuljaroensuk
- Nan


 Subtitle : Subscene

Credit to : melyanto

Friday, December 26, 2014

Say "I love you" / Sukitte Ii nayo [2014] 720p.BRRip.x264-ER (J-Movie)

Movie: Say "I Love You" (literal title)
Romaji: Suki-tte ii Na Yo
 Japanese: 好きっていいなよ
 Director: Asako Hyuga
Writer: Kanae Hazuki (manga), Asako Hyuga
Producer: Cinematographer:
Release Date: July 12, 2014
 Language: Japanese
Country: Japan


Mei Tachibana is a high school student. Due to a traumatic incident when she was a kid, Mei has been unable to make friends or have boyfriends. By mistake, Mei then injures the most popular male student named Yamato Kurosawa. Somehow, Yamato Kurosawa likes Mei Tachibana and tells everyone unilaterally that Mei is his friend. One day, Yamato Kurosawa saves Mei Tachibana from a stalker by kissing her. From that kiss, their love story begins.


Haruna Kawaguchi - Mei Tachiban
Sota Fukushi - Yamato Kurosawa
Tomohiro Ichikawa - Kai Takemura
Rika Adachi - Aiko Muto
Tasuku Nagase - Kenji Nakanishi
Rima Nishizaki - Asami Oikawa
Ryosuke Yamamoto - Masashi Tachikawa
Arisa Yagi - Megumi Kitagawa



  Uptobox (979,216 MB)
Google Drive  (488 MB)Subtitle: Chinese Size: 488MB Frame: 1280x720 Bit rate: 63kbps

Credit to : chattenoir3 

A Tale Of Samurai Cooking - A True Love Story [2013] JAP DVDRip x264 AC3 ADiOS (J-Movie)

 Movie: A Tale Of Samurai Cooking - A True Love Story (English title) / Warrior's Menu (literal title)
Romaji: Bushi no Kondate
 Japanese: 武士の献立
Director: Yuzo Asahara Writer: Michio Kashiwada, Yukiko Yamamuro, Yuzo Asahara
Producer: Yoshio Ishizuka, Hideaki Miyoshi
 Cinematographer: Yukihiro Okimura
World Premiere: September 21, 2013 (San Sebastian International Film Festival)
Release Date: December 14, 2013
Runtime: 121 min.
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan


 Set within the Kaga Domain in the Edo Period. Oharu (Aya Ueto) is an excellent cook and recognized for her skills. Due to her cooking talents, she marries Yasunobu (Kengo Kora), who is an heir in the Funaki family. The Funaki family serves as the cook for the Kaga Domain. Nevertheless, Yasunobu himself is a terrible cook. With the help of Oharu's mother-in-law Mitsuru (Kimiko Yo), she begins to teach Yasunobu how to cook. Cast Aya Ueto as Haru Funaki Kengo Kora as Yasunobu Funaki Toshiyuki Nishida as Dennai Funaki Kimiko Yo as Mitsu Funaki Yui Natsukawa as Shinnyoin Naoto Ogata as Denzo Otsuki Riko Narumi as Sayo Imai Tasuku Emoto as Sadanoshin Imai Takeshi Kaga as Naomi Maeda



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Subtitle English

credit to : vinzlicious

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Au.Revoir.Taipei.2010.720p.BluRay.x264-SSF (C-Movie)

A couple fall in love during dinner in Taiwan.

 Supplier : SSF TEAM
Ripper : SSF TEAM
Genre : Comedy Romance
 iMDB :
Release Date : 07/24/2010
Video Resolution : 1280 X 720 (23.976 fps)
Video Bitrate : 2 Pass 6754 Kb/s Audio Bitrate : Chinese AC3 640 Kbp/s
Runtime : 84 mins
 Size : 50 X 94 MB
 Substitle : English

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- Au.Revoir.Taipei.2010.720p.BluRay.x264-SSF.mkv.003
  -- until --
- Au.Revoir.Taipei.2010.720p.BluRay.x264-SSF.mkv.045

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Credit to : Naotomikan

Shaolin [2011] (C-Movie)

Director:Benny Chan
Writers:Chi Kwong Cheung, Cheung Tan, 
Stars:Jackie Chan, Andy Lau and Bingbing Fan
 Country:Hong Kong | China
Language:Mandarin | Cantonese
Release Date:20 January 2011 (Australia)
 Rating 8.4 imdb

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Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons (2013) (C-Movie) BluRay 480p

Director: Stephen Chow
Also Known As: Xi You . Xiang Mo Pian / A Chinese Odyssey / Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons
Country: China, Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin
 Release Date: 7 February 2013
Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Adventure

Wen Zhang Shu Qi Huang Bo Show Lo Chrissie Chau Synopsis Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons,” a fantasy action comedy produced by Stephen Chow, tells the story of a world full of demons where people’s lives are miserable. A young man named Xuan Zang bears the undaunted spirit of “sacrificing one’s own interest for the sake of others,” making pig monster and Sun Wukong his disciples and helping them remold themselves. Finally, Xuan Zang himself also feels the authentic meaning of “big love.” To save the commoners from their miserable lives and redeem their own evil, Xuan Zang and his three disciples unhesitatingly embark on the journey to the West. 

Code : 

Code: [FORMAT]:………………………[ Matroska
[SIZE]:……………………………[ 500 MB
[GENRE]:…………………………[ Adventure | Comedy | Fantasy
[RESOLUTION]:……………[ 848*372
 [LANGUAGE]:…………………[ Mandarin
 [SUBTITLES]:………………[ English (Muxed)
[RUNTIME]:……………………[ 01:49:43
[ENCODER]:……………………[ SAUFi88
 [SOURCE]:………………………[ 720p BluRay DTS x264-HDWinG

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Credit to : ajoem

The Monkey King [2014] (C-Movie) BDRip 480p

[FORMAT]:………………………[ Matroska
[SIZE]:……………………………[ 560 MB [
[GENRE]:…………………………[ Action | Adventure | Family
[RESOLUTION]:……………[ 848*356
[LANGUAGE]:…………………[ Mandarin
[SUBTITLES]:………………[ English (Muxed)
[RUNTIME]:……………………[ 01:59:16
[ENCODER]:……………………[ TinyBearDs
[SOURCE]:………………………[ Blu-ray Remux-CHDBits


Part 1

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 credit to : ajoem

Subtitle : subscene